Mission & Vision

On September 20, 2014, while out on ATV’s with a friend, the unthinkable happened. My Husband William was killed suddenly while saving his friend’s life in a tragic ATV accident who lives today because of Will’s heroic actions.

“All I ever really wanted to do was help people, to save lives,” said William Caston, my husband and best friend.

And he did…up until his very last moments on earth; he did exactly that, save lives.

There is no book or handout, no words or notice that can ever prepare you for finding out that you will never get to wake up next to the love of your life and face the next day together. I thought my life was over, I didn’t believe I could make it through this, I had truly lost my way when I lost my Will.

I was lucky in one aspect, I had a strong support system to help take a tiny slice of this burden, this unbearable pain and hurt, off me so that I might be able to breathe again without him. Not everyone who loses a spouse has that. This Memorial is in honor of Will’s life and for any spouse who has lost their way and looking for the Will to make it through. The Will to make it through the difficulties that life throws your way and the resources to pick up the pieces of what was shattered when you lost your loved one and move forward.

I promise you this one thing, in your darkest moments after loss you can count on this...where there's a Will, there's a way. #WTAWTAW

Much Love! 

Mikki Caston

Our Mission: To help those who have suffered the sudden loss of a life partner.

Our Vision: To establish a self-perpetuating fund to assist those who find themselves in need, after the sudden loss of a life partner: the assistance to consist of financial relief and counseling, emotional support and  legal advice.